Coaching is an ongoing partnership that accelerates client learning, performance, and progress in their personal and professional lives. The coach is the client’s partner and champion for success. It is a transformational process where the person enters into a co-created partnership with a professionally trained coach in order to improve their quality of life.


In weekly sessions, the CLIENT chooses the focus, while the coach listens and contributes observations and questions. You will discuss issues affecting your life and work, formulate strategies and action plans, celebrate successes and overcome setbacks. Coaching  concentrates on where the clients are today and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be.


Coaching is different from therapy in that a coach assumes that the Cient is whole and already functioning at a high level but wants to move to a higher level of functioning, and focus on goal attainment  and personal fulfillment. Therapy focuses on emotional healing.

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Retirement does not have to be a time of sitting on the couch watching the world go by. It can be a time to explore abandoned dreams, be of service and develop hidden talents. According to Richard Bolles, we do not have to rigidly define our lives into three boxes- education, work and retirement. We can have each of these activities throughout our lives.

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YOur Creativity.


To create an environment where creativity can flourish, you must be willing to step out of the box, and create a little excitement and even chaos in your daily life.  Here are some ideas for doing just that:


*Keep materials close at hand that will fuel creative sparks, such as art supplies, sewing notions, souvenirs and scraps for doing collages.

*Launch a group field trip to places like museums, libraries, model homes, and then discuss what you discovered.

*Write poetry.

*Give flowers to strangers

*Sneak into a friend’s house and fold their laundry or do the dishes

*Trade furniture with a neighbor for a month

*Take a shower with all your clothes on

*Find life-long learning opportunities such as conferences, online networks, specialized bookstores, libraries, and workshops at churches, teleclasses, arts centers, and audiocassettes and CD’s on a large range of subjects.





     A way to sustain yourself while pursusing your pupose is by creating more than one income source.  To believe that one, single career will make us happy our whole life is a restrictive belief.  To believe we can survive with just one income source is also restrictive. For example, if we dream of being a writer, we will always be focusing on and worrying about where and when the money will show up and not be able to be creative unless we have some other work that fulfills us.


     Rather than focusing on the precise form your work will take, concentrate instead on discovering the essence of that work. If your purpose includes service, spirituality and fun, include these three aspects in whatever multiple activities you choose to do.


     Having more than one source of income also helps keep your creative juices flowing.  You will have lots of ideas to pick from in case some of them don’t work out.  With some planning and lots of openness to additional opportunities, you can create as many income sources as you like.  You can either cluster similar interests together or use an eclectic approach, but your mission statement is what will help you stay focused and keep the big picture in mind.  You can then work backwards from there by breaking down your big goals into smaller, more manage.



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“I expected to be at least a little corrupted by my immersion, but in the process discovered as much about my own arrogance as that of the American corporation…The poet needs the practicalities of making a living to test and temper the lyricism of insight and observation.  The corporation needs the poet’s insight and powers of attention in order to weave the inner world of soul and creativity with the outer world of form and matter.”               


David Whyte, The Heart Aroused; Page 8-9)








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